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A MOOC for Implant Dentistry?
by Nikos Mattheos - Sunday, 9 October 2016, 02:51 AM

Is a MOOC a way to go in Implant Dentistry?

What to expect from the first Implant Dentistry Massive Open Online Course          


It’s been almost a week since enrolment opened for our MOOC, the first Massive Open Online Course in Implant Dentistry! As excitement grows, so does the daily list of mails and messages from all parts of the world crowding my inbox. Supportive comments from friends and strangers, suggestions, ideas, curiosity and questions, a whole lot of questions..! 

… one question that strikes me as particularly interesting: “Will I learn to place implants in your course…?”

 Indeed,  an interesting question! …now let's see if I can come up with an equally interesting answer!

- What is a MOOC?

A MOOC is one of the most exciting educational developments of this century, the child of the marriage of Open Access with e-learning, all broadcasted live by the social media. The idea is relatively simple: make quality education accessible to everyone, anytime for free. In essence this idea has always been there, it’s only that now we have the technology to materialise it, at least to a significant extent. I believe the seed was planted when several top Universities decided to open up and share their curricula with the rest of the world, in several bold “Open Courseware” initiatives.


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